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Dinocasts.com deals with all kind of casts and replicas from dinosaurs and other fossils.

Our core business is based in competitive prices, in a catalog with the most recent and rare products, as well as services for museums, changing of skeleton postures and production of casts and replicas of original fossils.

Do you wish for something that is yet to be in our catalog? Please ask us and we will do everything to find it and deliver it!

Besides dinosaurs in our catalog you can also find:

- Hominids

- marine reptiles

- Cenozoic mammals

- amphibians
- fishes and sharks

These replicas are available as skeletons or life-like reproductions (flesh-outs).

We also offer the opportunity for the clients (companies or institutions) to sell their own replicas, new or in second hand.

Buying at Dinocasts.com is supporting scientific research since part of the our profit will revert to the study of dinosaurs and other fossils.

Dinocasts.com only sells casts and replicas. Buy casts, not originals!

Latest products added!

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Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Crocodylia
Length: 63 centimeters
Age: Eocene
Locality: Messel pit Lagerstätte, Germany
Price: 680 EUR (Convert)

Sarchosuchus imperator
Non Dinosauria

Taxonomy: Mesoeucrocodylia: Pholidosauridae
Length: 12 meters
Age: Early Cretaceous (Aptian - Albian)
Locality: Africa
Price: 49000 EUR (Convert)

Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Crocodilia: Alligatoridae
Length: 93 centimeters
Age: Eocene
Locality: Wioming, USA
Price: 160 EUR (Convert)

Steneosaurus bollensis
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Crocodyliformes: Thalattosuchia
Length: 1.4 meters
Age: Early Jurassic
Locality: Holzmaden, Germany
Price: 260 EUR (Convert)

Mystriosaurus bollensis
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Crocodyliformes: Thalattosuchia
Length: 1.3 meters
Age: Early Jurassic
Locality: Wüttemberg, Germany
Price: 180 EUR (Convert)

Dimetrodon limbatus
Other Reptiles

Taxonomy: Synapsida: Sphenacodontidae
Length: 40 centimeters
Age: Early - Middle Permian
Locality: Wichita, Texas, USA
Price: 300 EUR (Convert)

Campylognathoides liasicus

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Campylognathoididae
Length: 59 meters
Age: Early Jurassic
Locality: Holzmaden, Germany
Price: 190 EUR (Convert)

Scaphognathus crassirostris

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Rhamphorhynchidae
Length: 25 centimeters
Age: Late Jurassic
Locality: Solnhofen, Germany
Price: 120 EUR (Convert)

Rhamphorhynchus gemmingi

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Rhamphorhynchoidea
Length: 61 centimeters
Age: Late Jurassic
Locality: Eichstätt, Germany
Price: 130 EUR (Convert)

Gallodactylus suevicus

Taxonomy: Pterodactyloidea: Ctenochasmatoidea
Length: 55 centimeters
Age: Late Jurassic
Locality: Nusplingen, Württemberg
Price: 130 EUR (Convert)

Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis

Taxonomy: Theropoda: Herrerasauridae
Length: 2.8 meters
Age: Late Triassic
Locality: Ischigualasto, Argentina
Price: 4000 EUR (Convert)

Non Dinosauria

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Pteranodontidae
Length: 5 meters
Age: Late Cretaceous (Coniacian-Campanian)
Locality: North America (Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming)
Price: 9300 EUR (Convert)

Non Dinosauria

Taxonomy: Archosauromorpha: Euparkeriidae
Length: 50 centimeters
Age: Early Triassic
Locality: South Africa
Price: 800 EUR (Convert)

Ticinosuchus ferox
Non Dinosauria

Taxonomy: Archosauria: Rauisuchia: Prestosuchidae
Length: 2.5 meters
Age: Middle Triassic (Anisian and Ladinian)
Locality: Europe and Africa
Price: 2800 EUR (Convert)


SUPER-PROMO! NOW 2800euros, previous: 8000euros

Diplocynodon darwini
Other Reptiles

Length: 38 centimeters
Age: Eocene
Locality: Messel, Germany
Price: 140 EUR (Convert)

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