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Dinocasts.com is a private company that sells a wide array of dinosaur casts and replicas, from different producers, on a world wide basis.


Octávio Mateus

Octávio Mateus is a PhD Portuguese dinosaur paleontologist working at New University of Lisbon and  Museum of Lourinhã, in Portugal. Octávio already participated or orientated more than 15 dinosaur diggings. He has named several new dinosaurs as Lourinhanosaurus, Draconyx, Dinheirosaurus, Allosaurus europaeus, Europasaurus, Tangvayosaurus,
and Lusotitan, and study theropod dinosaur eggs and embryos and manyother dinosaurs.
Learn more about Octávio Mateus and his scientific work at his website at www.omateus.googlepages.com.
He is the Dinocasts.com CEO.

Email: omateus@dinocasts.com


Paulo Sousa Torres

Accountancy and Financial department.




Ricardo Araújo

Ricardo has started been actively involved in vertebrate paleontology since he was fifteen. He excavated as a volunteer in Museu da Lourinhã, and that bound didn't break since then. He graduated in Geological Engineering at Sciences and Technology Faculty (New University of Lisbon) with an average of 16. Ricardo has been involved in the casting and moulding business since he started working as a fossil preparator at Museu da Lourinhã. With this opportunity in hands he went to learn about casting and moulding techniques Aart Walen and Remmert Schouten (both very good buddies!).

Email: ricardo_araujo@dinocasts.com



Bruno Pereira 

Since the age of 9, Bruno knew one thing; he wanted to be a palaeontologist. After starting his degree (2002), he started to be a volunteer in Museu da Lourinhã, continuing until today. He graduated in Geology and Natural Resources at the Sciences Faculty of Lisbon University. As a volunteer at Museu da Lourinhã, Bruno has been involved in both laboratory preparation and Field work. The collaboration with the museum and Octávio Mateus brought up the opportunity to participate on a field trip to Angola with the PaleoAngola project in 2007. He is currently doing his master degree on Miocene echinoderms.

Email: bpereira@dinocasts.com

João Marinheiro

João began to be a volunteer in Museu da Lourinhã at the start of 2009 and there he has done work in the field and in the laboratory, following a childhood dream. In the same year he graduated in Biology in Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologia de Lisboa (ULHT).

Email: jmarinheiro@dinocasts.com

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Webmaster and webdesign.
André Reis and José Marques da Silva




Tel.: [+351].918 381 501

Lourinhã, Portugal

Internet Phoning and Messaging by Skype (username): Dinocasts.com

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