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Cretaceous Mongolian Dinosaurs


An amazing collection of original dinosaurs from the Gobi desert in Mongolia. Gobi is one of the most productive areas for dinosaurs and provided some of the best preserved specimens.

Major specimens available:

2 complete Tarbosaurus
1 adult skull of Tarbosaurus
Skull and vertebrae of a juvenile Tarbosaurus
Set of dinosaur eggs
3 Gallimimus
Arms of Deinocheirus
Arms of Therizinosaurus
Sauropod bones and eggs
2 Psittacosaurus
Hadrosaurus baby
Oviraptor embryo
Oviraptor "big mama"
Complete Oviraptor
Oviraptor nest
Pinacosaurus skull
Goyocephale skull
Velociraptor skull
2 complete Protoceratops
3 Protoceratops skulls
Protoceratops baby

Together with smaller items, the exhibition gathers about 40 specimens.

All specimens are originals except the Oviraptor “Big mama”.

It is one of the most impressive dinosaur traveling exhibits.
The minimum required space for the Venue is 600-700 sqm in a open space or 700-800 sqm if the space is divided in rooms.


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Basic Information

Specimens type Originals
Number of major specimens 40
Flexibility to add or remove specimens No
Minimum area required 700-800 sqm
Extra images available Yes
Display cases included Yes
Previous hosts Italy, Mongolia, Portugal, Spain
Scientific advising / support

Minimum duration (in weeks) 2 months
Insurance value
Price base (per month)*
*- This value is merely indicative and is not valid for exact price calculation. The final value depends on the conditions agreed.

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