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Temporary Exhibit
Famous Dinosaurs of the World


Collection of some of the most famous dinosaurs (casts). Cheap and nice exhibition.
This exhibition is new and has never been in display as a whole. Some items have been in exhibitions in Europe and Japan.

Set A
Compsognathus model,
Compsognathus 3D skeleton,
Compsognathus plate,
Archaeopteryx 3D skeleton,
Archaeopteryx plate,
Plesiosaurus plate (~2 m),
Skulls of: Velociraptor, Deinonychus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex (~1.5 m)
Complete Deinonychus (~ 3 m)
20 teeth and claws of several species.

Set B
The Set B is composed the all items of Set A plus the casts of the full skeleton of:
Brachiosaurus brancai (22 m),
Diplodocus (17 m),
Stegosaurus (5.5 m).

All items are casts. The items can be requested separately and more non-list items can be added upon request.


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Basic Information

Specimens type Casts replicas
Number of major specimens
Flexibility to add or remove specimens
Minimum area required Minimum: 20 sq. meters
Extra images available No
Display cases included No
Previous hosts
Scientific advising / support Yes

Minimum duration (in weeks)
Insurance value
Price base (per month)*
*- This value is merely indicative and is not valid for exact price calculation. The final value depends on the conditions agreed.

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