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American Jurassic Dinosaurs


The original skeletons of some of the most famous dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were collected in the Wyoming during the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

The collection can travel. It will fill about two 40 foot containers. The total value is approx. EUR 2.000.000

1. Camarasaurus E.T. complete skeleton,10 m, panel mount
2. Diplodocus H.Q. One complete skeleton, 17 m, set in sand
3. Apatosaurus Max, nearly complete skeleton, 17 m, set in sand
4. Stegosaurus Moritz, complete skeleton, 4.50 m, free mount
5. Othnielia Barbara, complete skeleton. 2.10 m, on original matrix
6. Diplodocus Femur 1.20 m, "Touch Bone"
6. 3 Diplodocus neck vertrebrae (Broesmeli)
8. 1 large Diplodocus pelvis (Ruth) 0.80 x 1.20 m
9. 10 to 15 Diplodocus leg and tail bones. (Ruth)
10. Allosaurus skeleton, complete
11. Baby Camarasaurus skeleton, complete

10. Diplodocus H.Q. One complete skeleton, 17 m, free mount
11. Diplodocus H.Q.. One pair of legs and hip, 3 x 1.50 m, free mount
12. Diplodocus, set of cast bones (25-50 pieces) for quarry reconstruction
13. Diplodocus set skin casts (5 pieces)
14. Diplodocus set of gastrolithes (12 - 15 pieces)
15. Camarasaurus E.T. skull 65 cm
16. Allosaurus Big Al Two 85 cm
17. Apatosaurus Max skull 45 cm

18. Set of Diplodocus spike models (3 pieces)
19. Wall size blow up picture of the Howe Ranch Quarry sites in Wyoming USA
20 Wall size blow up picture of a painting done by the dinosaur artist Mark Hallett on the Howe Quarry scene
150 Mio. years ago.
31 Video, 12 minutes documentary on the work at the Howe Ranch sites, available in french and german


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Basic Information

Specimens type Originals
Number of major specimens
Flexibility to add or remove specimens
Minimum area required
Extra images available
Display cases included
Previous hosts Switzerland, Japan
Scientific advising / support Yes

Minimum duration (in weeks) 2 months
Insurance value
Price base (per month)*
*- This value is merely indicative and is not valid for exact price calculation. The final value depends on the conditions agreed.

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