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Fossil Treasures from Russia


1) Rental fee for 84 rare specimens ranges from 32 000 to 35 200 euro per month (is to be paid monthly - not a whole sum for several months. 2) Shipping costs including customs formalities in Russia (to and back) - depends on a country to which it should be shipped. So, two trucks (weight of the exhibition is about 7 000 kg) to Italy cost about 30 000 euro (one way). 3) Insurance for 6 months exhibition costs 6 300 euro. Insurance value of 84 specimens is about 3 000 000 euro. 3) You can transport it from one place to another, but each exhibition period should be about no less than 3 months at each venue.


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Basic Information

Specimens type Originals
Number of major specimens 28
Flexibility to add or remove specimens Total
Minimum area required
Extra images available
Display cases included
Previous hosts
Scientific advising / support

Minimum duration (in weeks) 3months
Insurance value 6 months exhibition costs 6 300 euro
Price base (per month)* 32 000 to 35 200 euro per month
*- This value is merely indicative and is not valid for exact price calculation. The final value depends on the conditions agreed.

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