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Gallimimus bullatus

Taxonomy: Theropoda; Ornithomimosauria; Ornithomimidae
Length: 5.5 meters
Age: Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago
Locality: Omnogov, Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Price: 14500 EUR (Convert)

Estemmenosuchus mirabilis

Taxonomy: Therapsida; Dinocephalia; Family Estemmenosuchidae
Length: 50 centimeters
Age: Late Perm, Zone 1, 255 million years ago
Locality: Ocher, Perm Region, Russia
Price: 1200 EUR (Convert)

Eotitanosuchus olsoni juvenile skull

Taxonomy: Therapsida; Eotheriodontia; Family Eotitanosuchida
Length: 35 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone I, 255 million years ago
Locality: Ocher, Perm Region, Russia
Price: 370 EUR (Convert)

Ennatosaurus tecton skeleton

Taxonomy: Pelycosauria; Caseamorpha; Family Caseidae
Length: 60 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone II, 25O million years ago
Locality: Pechora, Northern Russia
Price: 3800 EUR (Convert)

Dvinia prima

Taxonomy: Therapsida; Cynodontia; Family Dviniidae
Length: 10 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone IV, 245 million years ago
Locality: Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya, Northern Russia
Price: 290 EUR (Convert)

Dromornis stirtoni

Taxonomy: Anseriformes Family, Dromornithidae
Length: 2.5 meters
Age: Late Miocene
Locality: Northern Territory, Australia
Price: 26000 EUR (Convert)

Dicynodon trautscholdi

Taxonomy: Therapsida; Anomodontia; Family Dicynodontidae
Length: 25 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone IV, 245 million years ago
Locality: Sokolki, Malaya Severnaya, Northern Russia
Price: 490 EUR (Convert)

Deltavyatka vjatkensis

Taxonomy: Para-reptilia, Pareiasauridae
Length: 20 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, 255 million years ago
Locality: Vyaakta river, Russia
Price: 370 EUR (Convert)

Biarmosuchus tener

Taxonomy: Therapsida; Eotheriodontia; Family Biarmosuchidae
Length: 75 centimeters
Age: Late Permian, Zone I, 255 million years ago
Locality: Ocher, Perm Region, Russia
Price: 800 EUR (Convert)

Arstanosaurus species undescribed

Taxonomy: Hadrosauridae, Hadrosaurinae
Length: 14 centimeters
Age: Late Cretaceous (Santonian), Bayn Shireh Formation
Locality: Baishin Tsav, Gobi Desert, Southeastern Mongolia
Price: 140 EUR (Convert)


Length: 1.1 meters
Age: Late Cretaceous
Locality: Oued Zem Morocco
Price: 4200 EUR (Convert)


Oviraptor mongoliensis with Hatchlings

Taxonomy: Maniraptora:Oviraptoridae
Length: 1.4 meters
Age: Cretaceous
Locality: North America
Price: from 5500 EUR (Convert)

Pteranodon ingens
Non Dinosauria

Taxonomy: Pterosauria: Pteranodontidae
Length: 1.4 meters
Age: Cretaceous
Locality: North America
Price: 5225 EUR (Convert)


Taxonomy: Ornithopoda: Iguanodontia
Length: 10 meters
Age: Early Cretaceous
Locality: Europe
Price: 79000 EUR (Convert)

Tyrannosaurus rex

Taxonomy: Theropoda: Tyrannosauridae
Length: 12.2 meters
Age: Late Cretaceous
Locality: USA
Price: 99000 EUR (Convert)

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